Elizabeth, Rebecca and I will be spending the next five and some weeks hanging out in rural Uganda. We will do our utmost best to keep this blog candid, informative and frequently-updated.

This is the fourth overall trip of Empower U consultants to Kumi in northern Uganda, and we have big plans, high expectations and every reason to think nothing will go as planned. 

Our goals for the summer project are as follows:

1. Monitor the initial forty beneficiaries and their pig projects, as well as the local Ugandan board of directors

2. Conduct career and financial workshops for the current beneficiaries
3. Invest in forty new beneficiaries by working with the community for selection
4. Create a documentary 
5. Have so much fun

Thank you for taking the time to check out Empower U! We really appreciate all of your support - be it your time, your donations or your positive vibes.

- Jen
oxana serdetchnaia(Jen's mom)
7/14/2011 09:50:38 pm

Good luck girls:) "ne puha ni pera" Jen, translate it to your friends. Love you..


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    Elizabeth, Rebecca and Jen

    The three of us are spending July and August on the Empower U project in Kumi, Uganda. We will be recording our (mis)adventures here.


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